About Us

We are an app developer company focussed on making apps for the iphone.    Based in Alberta Canada we are currently working on some great new apps.

We are currently working on business and  games.  Keep checking, new and exciting apps are published all the time!


We are currently busy making apps!!!!

Eventually we would like to help dentists publish their own apps.     These could be games or apps to help promote their practices.

If your'e a dentist and would like to have your own app in the Apple app store send us an email.  

If you have any questions or comments about our apps please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your message. 


Dental Three in One was made for the Cochrane Dental clinic in Cochrane.    Its three apps in one.   An encyclopedia,game and includes useful dental information.

If your a dentist and would like to have your own app for your business contact us and we can help you!!!!!

Cannonball Pop 

A lot of love went into this game.   Great fantastic arcade action.    Available now in iTunes and Google Play store!!

We were moved by the Cecil the Lion story.   So we made an app!   By downloading and playing our free game you can help the real lions in Africa.   A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.   Thanks so much for  and playing our game. Available  at the app store.

Oil Spill Frenzy is now available in the iOS App store.     Be quick to catch the oil or face an environmental disaster!!!!


Circle is a great new game for only those with quick reflexes.   Fun addicting game play.  

Get it now from iOS App store.


One of our first games for kids.  Every kid loses a tooth and this is a the perfect game.   Help the tooth fairy catch all those teeth.

Toy Smash is a great game for parents.  All those annoying toys our kids have is driving us crazy.  Now you can get your revenge.  Smash away.

We are very proud of our newest app Space Dash!!!!

We were lucky to have Shane Mccannell with us to create and design this amazing game.    

Guide your hero through space and smash UFOs to collect coins and upgrade your powers....  Watch out for asteroids or your adventure will come to an end.  

Coming soon to the Apple app store!!!!!

No question our most downloaded game.  Its lots of fun too.   Your truck has crashed and you have to rope the cattle.  Two different games in one!!

Original song written by myself. Fortunately sung by a great singer!!!!!!

Our newest addition for our series of games.  Rope Crazy has two exciting games in one.   Ride your horse in the open field  and try and lasso as many cows as you can.

Or the mad straight dash.   Head on fun with cows on the loose.  

For iphone and the iPad.


Guide Murray the Flying Tooth through the dangerous jungle.    See how far you can go and try and beat your score.    Check the Apple app store below to get this game.   



Toddler fun Colors.  Is a fun new app for kids 1-4 years old.   Its silly.  Its crazy.  Its fun.    Its educational too........   Available  at the Apple app store.  Click below for the link.

Tooth Flosser is a great new game available at the iOS store for iPad and iPhone.    Help Murray the tooth climb the floss.   Download now!!!!

Eat more dots is a new and tons of fun.    One of our favourites....... 

Download at the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad....

The last of our dental series.    Fight those plaque enemies.  Use your ninja skills and win the battle of gingivitis.

Just move your dot to avoid the bouncing red dot.  Simple but addicting.....

We take our customers privacy very seriously.   At no time does gattoApps  read or take personal information off your devices such as your contacts, name, or emails.   GattoApps or Tuque Apps does  not collect, see or sell anything from your devices.  If you have any questions about our apps and your privacy please email us.

***** 2018   We are updating our privacy structure on our apps.   During this process we have removed our games from the EU.       As soon as updates are provided we will publish updates so you can continue to download our games.  

Our game engine provide and app services are providing us with updates at this moment.    We hope this disruption will only be temporary.   

Our app provider is Admob.  Refer to their website for updates on this issue as well.   

If you have any questions please send us an email!